Strawberry Jam

500 ml mason jars of organic and local strawberry jam

Apple Sauce

500 ml mason jars of organic and local apple sauce

Orange & Peach Marmalade

500 ml mason jars of organic and local orange & peach marmalade

About Auston’s Organics

Auston’s Organics is a sole proprietor homesteading business run by Jamie and Rob Campbell, on behalf of their son Auston. 100% of all proceeds from any sales of tomato sauce, applesauce and jam preserves goes directly into an investment account for Auston’s future endeavors – whether he chooses that to be for school, to run his own company, travel the World, or whatever he likes – so long as he follows his heart and his dreams. Auston is a dream come true for us, and this is a way for us to contribute to help make his dreams come true.

We also run another side business for our daughter, Aurora. This is called Rory’s Gold which include organic raw honey, beeswax candles, suckers, chap stick, children’s books and more. You can find more information about Rory’s Gold here at